Adriana Rogan


When friends meet for a barbecue at six p.m. one or the other may start to think about heading back home just before midnight – especially when the Week­end Beach Festival is raving about four kilometres and there are drink-driving checkpoints at virtually every roundabout. But not these friends.

When a singer is on her way home just before midnight after two gigs. the one or other may be tempted to avoid any de­tour and head straight for bed – especially when a new concert is scheduled for the next day. But not this singer.
And even less so on this first Saturday night in July on which singer Adriana is the highlight for her fans at this private garden party – and vice versa.

As soon as she appears she is the focus of attention. She has this magic aura that draws you in like a magnet; you sense her physical presence; her genuineness goes straight to your heart. Her parents are surely not entirely blameless in this matter: Carlos. who is always on stage with her as her sound technician. Inma who accompanies the two whenever her hairdressers shop can do without her – mostly with several friends and family members in tow. “My parents have always supported me. they keep encouraging me to make my dream come true … ” and whenever she talks about them there are tears in her eyes.

Now. she wants to reach out and tauch others with her songs. Her own songs deal with big issues: love. tolerance. respect. self-fulfillment. “I want to motivate people to always believe in themselves. to reach for the stars.”

So far. the 26-year-old mostly performs cover versions of the good old classics – Motown. soul. reck. pop. reggae. Added to this are current chart hits. and you automatically sing along. totally unable to stop your body from moving to the beats. Her interpretations of Amy Winehouse songs are incredible. lt is hard to say whether some of her versions are even better than the originals.

Her declared goal. however. is to make her own first album. To achieve this. she performs without stopping. even several times a day. in Torre del Mar. Benajarafe. Mijas. Torremoli­nos. Fuengirola. Sevilla. No journey is too far for her.

At the beginning of the year. during the last season of “La Voz”. the Spanish equivalent of ‘The Voice UK”. she already proved that she can thrill the masses. After the blind audi­tions. her voice kept convincing the coaches to vote for her. lt was only in the fifth to last show that she was defeated by a competitor in a final battle. “lt was a wonderful experience. 1 wouldn’t want to miss a single moment.”

From the big orchestra back to the two-man-show. “en mi tierra!”. her beloved homeland. as she keeps stressing. and once again she might shed a tear. like on stage when she in­troduces her parents and dedicates a sang to them. Or when she asks up seven-year-old Oliver. giving him free reign to act out his art. splits and cartwheel acrobatics. while she mingles with her audience. cheering the little boy on with Michael Jackson·s “Beat lt!”.

Alongside her velvety voice with that beautifully rough note. ifs simply these pure emotions and this human warmth that make her and her music so real and good.