Daniela Hubert

THE FINEST PEOPLE – Daniela Hubert

Horse art by Daniela Hubert

”Creative, humorous and perfectionistic”, that’s how Danie-la Hubert, a German artist, who emigrated with her daughter to Andalusia two years ago, describes herself. She found her dream home in Benajarafe, a small fishing village in which “time seems to have stood still.” This decelerated atmosphere is perfect for the graduated fashion designer.

It all started in the nursery, because painting has always been part of her life. She was always fascinated by horses, their en-ergy and charisma. After her studies in Munich she worked as a fashion illustrator on a freelancer´s base, but Daniela always continued to paint. She also created other motifs, such as land-scapes or figures, but nothing gave her as much satisfaction as painting horses. You can see her passion in the lively paintings, they radiate a lightness and at the same time they are expres-sive. Her light flooded studio is the perfect environment for her creative work. From her desk she has a beautiful view on the deep blue sea, she loves so much. Another reason why she ended up in Spain. “Good weather, sun and nice people, what else could you possibly want?” Life in Andalusia is interesting for her above all, because of the distinctive riding culture. She herself has been riding since her childhood and is the proud owner of a Spanish horse named Burladero for more than ten years.

When asked, what moves her, she answered with an amused grin: “Normally my feet.”
With a laugh she tells me that what really moves her is the art of riding. Watching true horse people at work gives her inspi-ration. “Watching horses, when they’re free, their behavior and their movements make me sit in my studio and paint.” Some-times she just visualizes an idea that she has in her head, a picture of a horse she has seen somewhere. Most of the time, however, it’s commissioned work that she does. A customer sends her a picture of his horse, or horses and she then paints or draws them. Either she makes an ink drawing on paper, or with acrylic colors on a canvas. It is not her goal is to paint the horse in a photorealistic way, in the contrary, she captures its expression, its essence.

… what else could you want?

“It’s all about the eyes”, she tells me. “They’re the most import-ant part. They decide whether it’s really this horse, because that’s where you can express its entire soul. When mentioning this detail, her own blue eyes light up.

“You can also visit me here in my studio by appointment.” There you can convince yourself of the great talent of the painter. Besides the canvases and ink drawings you can also buy art prints. But anyone, who buys an ink drawing or a canvas, or several of them, will own a unique piece, which doesn’t exist a second time in the world.
Daniela also creates logos, for example for a riding stable, a fashion brand, or a breeder. “A success for me is when I draw a commissioned work and the horse owner tells me, that I cap-tured the horse exactly.” She proudly straightens herself up in her chair and smilingly lets her gaze wander over the paintings in her studio.

“It wasn’t easy for me to go public with my art.” Like most ar-tists, Daniela has an urge for perfectionism. If a picture doesn’t correspond to her exact idea, then it will not be publicly be shown. “But my friends and family encouraged me and gave me the necessary impetus. They are a huge help and support.” Her husband and her son help her with her website, because that’s not quite her subject. The daughter supports her when it comes to exhibitions and fairs.

“She was always there, Equitana, Horse International, just everywhere. She’s a great sup- porter.”
Her aim for the near future is to participate in exhibitions here in Spain and to be represented at trade fairs. “The SICAP in Seville would be an absolute dream for me.” She also wants to tackle the painting and burning of azulejos (tiles). There doesn’t seem to be any time for sitting around and doing nothing. Her life without art would be “boring, less emotional and less fulfilled”. There’s not much else she rather does beside painting. Because she turned her passion into her profession.
“I have no other talents”, she says, shrugging her shoulders. Art is what moves her and that every day anew.