Manolo Rincón


He’s a man of many talents, this Manolo Rincón. Born in 1952 in Torre del Mar as the oldest of five children, he studied medicine before beginning to paint in the 1970s – and becoming famous alongside artists such as Antonio Hidalgo, Francisco Hernández and Julio Marín.
Following the death of his father, he took over the family firm and opened the progressive clinics of the same name on the Costa del Sol. And as if that wasn’t enough, he went into politics in the 1980s and cropped up later as the founder and sponsor of various sports teams.
Now, a few decades later, he presents his first fashion collections – inspired of course by his un-mistakeable painting.

“Art is always entertainment,” said Bertolt Brecht, and this quotation is akin to a life motto for Manolo Rincón. When our layouter Tomás, an old friend, enters Rincón’s studio in La Caleta, it is something of a homecoming:

Tomás lived here for many years before Manolo Rincón bought the property. Paint, canvasses and books are everywhere, clutter from five decades – no sign of standstill anywhere.

“Fashion is merely a textile form of art,” he says as he shows us some of his creations: colourful trousers, leather jackets with splashes of paint – distinctive, surprising and deliberately different. He recently also presented them to the press, eliciting an international response.

Manolo Rincón will never tire of continuing his very personal journey, that of an unremitting man of many talents.