the finest trip – Frigiliana

the finest trip – Frigiliana

It’s located at 430 metres above sea level: Frigiliana, conside-red by many to be the most beautiful village in Andalusia.

As you stroll along the alleys lined with flowers, you are struck above all by the Moorish influences and, of course, the colours. Wooden doors, aged over the years, blaze in blue, purple and green, creating a wondrous spectacle.

Frigiliana is also something like a living artefact:

traces of people who lived there 5,000 years ago keep appearing. It’s not for nothing that the orgins of the name of the white village above Nerja go back to ancient Phoenician and Roman settlements – even though it was in fact the Arabs who founded the village of Frigiliana itself between the 9th and 10th centuries. The main attraction is therefore the castle fortress Castillo de Lizar with its Arabic influences.

Frigiliana, however, has so much more to offer:

a 400m² archaeological museum or Europe’s only traditional molasses factory, Palacio de los Condes de Frigiliana, for example. And then of course, no less impressive, the 40,000-hectare national park Parque Natural de las Sierras Tejeda, Alhama y Almijara.
In the old city centre, you’ll find plenty of cosy bars and restaurants for a short break before you take in the fountains, monuments and churches in this Andalusian village of 3,400 inhabitants.

If you’re more into art, have a look at the twelve murals by the artist Pilar Garcîa Millán in the alleys of the Barrio Alto. They are scenarios of the past – and at the same time the key to understanding the present of what really must be one of the most beautiful villages of the Axarquia.